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Our Impact

“I came into DCYOP as a four year old with no musical experience and graduated with a skillset beyond the concert hall. DCYOP not only taught me music, but it has taught me to become a better person. I fostered friendships and abilities that I will cherish for the rest of my life.” – Caleb Diamond, 2014 Alumnus and current political science major at Washington University in St. Louis.


Since 1960, the DC Youth Orchestra Program (DCYOP) has fostered the musical development and transformed the lives of over 50,000 youth.

As a learning organization, DCYOP continually evaluates our students’ progress and the short and long-term impact of our programs on their lives and communities. To support this, in 2014 with the support of ChildTrends, DCYOP developed a logic model to work in harmony with its curriculum. DCYOP’s logic model, like its curriculum, is a living document (see below).

DCYOP evaluates its impact on a student, family and community level each semester through its jury evaluations, pre and post-test surveys, and quasi-scientific data through its school partnerships.