young children playing clarinet at dcyop practice

New Student Enrollment

Enrollment for Fall 2017 is now closed.

On October 15th we will begin enrollment for our Spring 2018 semester.

Are you an advanced student who plays the trumpet, French horn, bassoon, or bass? We’re still accepting auditions. Contact us at 202-698-0123 or to schedule an audition.


Ready to pick up a new instrument?

DCYOP offers instrumental instruction for new musicians in small, age-appropriate group settings. Students ages 4.5 or older work with our distinguished faculty to learn a musical instrument, basic music theory, and performance technique while growing their minds and making new friends!

For students 12 or older, please contact our office to see which instrument is right for you. DCYOP makes it a priority to work with these students so that they can successfully join and learn a new instrument alongside younger students.

See the types of orchestral instruments we support and the minimum age for each. Younger musicians who begin on violin could easily transition to viola. Also, younger musicians who begin on instruments such as recorder at age 6 would then be encouraged to try oboe, flute, or clarinet when they turn 8. Students who begin on saxophone at age 8 will be encouraged to transition to oboe or bassoon when they gain two years of experience.

Instrument Age Requirements


Played before?

For students with as little as a few months experience playing an instrument, we ask that you schedule a placement audition. We accept all students into DCYOP, but our instructors need to hear you play to make sure that each student is placed into the best ensemble for their age and skill level.

We’re putting out a special call for students aged 8 or older who play woodwind or brass instruments for both our Young Musicians Academy and our advanced orchestras (Youth Orchestra and Youth Philharmonic). Of particular need are french horn, trombone, bassoon, oboe and double bass.

Students should come to a placement audition prepared to play music that demonstrates their current ability.

Placement Audition Information


Regular student rehearsal takes place on Saturdays at Eastern High School with various sessions starting between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:15 pm, and last approximately 1 – 4 hours, depending on each student’s level.

Performances, which are free and open to family, friends, and the public, are scheduled throughout each season. Performance schedules will be provided depending on the program in which the student is placed.



DCYOP tuition rates are determined by the class or orchestra program in which each student is placed, from $295 up to $475 per semester. Early-bird enrollment discounts for the fall semester end on 09/01/2017.

DCYOP offers tuition programs: tuition assistance, payment plans, extenuating circumstances and instrument loans to help ensure that each student in the DC area can access musical instruction and performance participation.

Please check your eligibility and apply for tuition assistance before completing the enrollment sign-up. You’ll receive a coupon code once your assistance application is submitted.

Tuition Assistance