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Request An Audition

Audition Requirements

For students interested in our advanced orchestras (Youth Orchestra and Youth Philharmonic), please prepare the following:

  1. 6 – 7 minutes of a solo work (concerto or sonata) or two contrasting works demonstrating your current ability
  2. All major scales.  Minor scales up to three flats and sharps (melodic form).
    • Strings – three octave scales performed slowly, one note per bow, and 4 notes per bow, legato (eighth notes at quarter note = 72)
    • Winds – As many octaves as possible performed slurred and tongued (eighth notes at quarter note = 72)
  3. Sight reading will be asked. It will be selected from the standard orchestral literature.

Percussion students, please contact for specific audition requirements.


For all other students interested in participating in DCYOP, please prepare the following:

  1. Any piece of music that you are currently practicing either at school or with your teacher
  2. Any scales that you already know

The artistic staff at DCYOP will listen to you perform what you are currently working on, and place you into the appropriate ensemble for your age and skill level. Remember, there is a place for every young musician at DCYOP!

Placement consultations last approximately 10 minutes. Questions about the process, please contact