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Youth Orchestra European Tour Bon Voyage Concert

Date July 6th Saturday
Time 7:00 pm
UDC Theater of the Arts - 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW
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Spring Ensemble Concerts

Date May 18th Saturday
Time 12:00 pm , 3:15 pm , 5:30 pm
May 19th Sunday
1:00 pm , 5:15 pm
UDC Theater of the Arts - 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW
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The nation’s youth orchestra.

We are the leading ensemble-based classical music education program in the capital region. We empower young people to transform their lives through music and community.

9 ensembles
30 faculty
16 instruments taught
500+ students
200 schools in 100 zip codes
79 small group classes every week
Beginner lessons
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DCYOP offers nine different ensembles designed to meet students at every stage of their musical journey. From our beginner string and wind ensembles to our most advanced full symphonic orchestras, our young musicians are given the support and training they need to thrive both on and off stage.


Beginner lessons

DCYOP offers group lessons for students as young as 4 ½ who are picking up a new instrument for the very first time. With the help of a trusted adult as their practice partner, students learn the fundamental basic skills that will enable them to graduate into one of our beginner ensembles after at least one year of participation.


More Opportunities

In addition to our main-site programming, DCYOP offers additional training and performance opportunities to exceptional students, especially for young artists of color and students who may need extra support to pursue their musical studies at the highest levels. Through our Talent Development Program and the Washington Musical Pathways Initiative, of which we are a founding partner, students have access to an extended support network of staff, faculty, and artist-mentors, who are here to help them achieve their full potential.

One of the primary things that the orchestra teaches is humanity and how to be, how to live in this world that is at times full of conflict, full of confusion. But how to move through that gracefully, confidently, and securely in your own sense of yourself while connecting to or doing your best to connect with other people.

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