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November 23, 2021

2022 International Tour Announcement!

DCYOP’s Youth Orchestra, our most advanced ensemble, will travel to Seville, Spain, spend a day in Córdoba, and visit the Alhambra, perform in Lisbon, Portugal and Málaga and Torremolinos, Spain, rehearse, take masterclasses, and perform with Orquesta ProMusica during a 10-day tour, June 25-July 4, 2022.

Touring is a transformational experience our students look forward to for years. Students experience a new culture and foods, see how orchestras work in another part of the world, and share time with friends who share a passion for music, away from the stresses of daily lives, with some independence to explore, as well. Many alumni remember it as their defining experience with the organization.

“Touring is such an exciting element of being in a youth orchestra and it brings so many dividends to our students,” says Kenneth Whitley, a Principal Conductor for the Youth Orchestra. “The trips are such bonding moments, they’re moments that reveal what we’re capable of being with each other. I’m very excited that we’re going back to Spain.”

After two challenging years, the tour is an opportunity for talented and hardworking youth to celebrate and take pride in their accomplishments. We want to show our students, especially our younger students, who look up to the Youth Orchestra, that resiliency and perseverance can pay off.

Touring is a deeply ingrained tradition at DCYOP. The organization has toured 23 countries, including Japan and South Africa and, most recently, Italy in 2018, Chile in 2016 and Colombia in 2014.

Student-musicians who are not currently a part of the DCYOP community are encouraged to audition by submitting a video by Dec. 17. Read more about the audition requirements and tour details below. Financial assistance is available and all students, regardless of ability to pay, are encouraged to apply.

Throughout the pandemic, safety has been DCYOP’s top priority, along with our commitment to providing a meaningful music learning experience. Working with WorldStrides, the tour organizer, and our own health advisors, we are committed to creating a safe and meaningful experience.