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July 4, 2022

#DCYOIBERIA Day 7 & 8: The Grand Finale

 Riding the high of the previous night’s concert in Torremolinos, we enjoyed a leisurely morning in Granada – time to catch up on sleep, lounge by the pool, or get those last souvenirs and explore another of Spain’s historic Andalusian cities.

In the afternoon, we squeezed a quick visit to Alhambra, one of the most famous and well-preserved Islamic palaces in the world. Under the blazing sun, we strolled its peaceful gardens and marveled at the breathtakingly intricate carvings and mosaic tile work that seem to dominate every inch of the palaces that date back to the 13th century. There was not nearly enough time to explore the entire complex but it gave us all another taste of the rich and complex cultural and artistic history of the region.

Before we knew, it was time for our final concert of the tour, scheduled to take place at the CajaGRANADA Cultural Center. Feeling at their peak, the orchestra poured every last bit of energy they had into the final concert, bringing this tour to a triumphant close. It was wonderful to finish out the tour with both the assistance of our Lisbon Music Fest friends as well as the wonderfully welcoming Rotary Club of Granada, which presented the concert.

Our final day was largely spent making the long drive to Madrid, where we had a bit of time to see some of the sites and explore the area around Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor before enjoying a farewell dinner at a nearby restaurant.

We also made time to gather together in the evening to celebrate the orchestra’s incredible accomplishments, both musically and personally, and to recognize the many individual and group efforts that made it such a successful and memorable experience

And that’s a wrap on #DCYOIBERIA 2022! While friends and family back home are celebrating Independence Day, we will be making our way back home, eager to share experiences and start planning for more exciting adventures ahead. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead as we continue to share more footage of our tour performances and experiences. Hasta la próxima!