Mr. Solomon’s Tips for Juries and Auditions

Taking an audition or jury is challenging for any musician. Learning how to react under pressure builds both strength and character. And just like most things in music, practice leads to a better outcome. The more auditions and juries you take, the better you will get! After taking over 50 auditions, here are my tips:

Prepare: Start preparing for your audition or jury well in advance. I have learned that last minute preparation hurts my chances and makes me nervous. Setting a practice schedule many weeks before an audition and sticking to it will ensure that you are ready to play your best when the time comes.

Simulate: Don’t wait until you think you are fully prepared to do a “mock audition.” Once you can play through your music without stopping, you should simulate the audition experience by playing for your parents, your friends or fellow musicians! The more times you run through the audition material, the more confident and relaxed you will be at the audition.

Breath: When the audition day arrives, make sure to take several deep breaths before you begin playing. When you are nervous and your heart is beating fast, taking a few deep breaths will help to prepare both your mind and body to perform well. Start when you are ready; the jurors will wait until you are ready to begin.

Have fun: Remember, have fun when you play. Play from the heart and everything else will take care of itself!

Evan Ross Solomon, Director of Education Programs

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