Announcing Our Next International Tour…

It’s official: DCYOP’s Youth Orchestra will be going to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic on our next international tour in summer 2024! From July 8-16, our most advanced full symphonic student orchestra will travel to Munich, Vienna and Prague where they will give performances in each city and enjoy some of the most beautiful historic sites in Europe.

“As both a musician and conductor, I have witnessed the transformative effects of international tours firsthand,” says Artistic Director, Evan Ross Solomon. “Each trip reveals something special and unique about our students and orchestra, and the impact of the experience lasts a lifetime.”

Touring is a deeply ingrained tradition at DCYOP. The organization has toured 24 countries, including Japan and South Africa and, most recently, Spain and Portugal in 2022, Italy in 2018, Chile in 2016 and Colombia in 2014.  We are excited to once again offer this opportunity for our talented and hardworking advanced students and inspire our younger musicians as they rise through the ranks of our nine progressive ensembles. 

Student-musicians who are not currently a part of the DCYOP community are strongly encouraged to  register for our upcoming auditions on August 19th and 26th in order to earn a spot on the Youth Orchestra roster for the upcoming season, including next summer’s tour. Financial assistance is available and all students, regardless of ability to pay, are encouraged to apply.

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